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About Pronto Pilates

After teaching thousands of traditional group reformer classes, we were curious to explore a way to reach more people with the life-transforming benefits of Pilates.

So, we went about reimagining group reformer classes through the lens of digital technology and instructional design.

And Pronto Pilates was born!

A balanced “high tech—high touch” studio class experience that revolutionizes group reformer Pilates cost and convenience. Watch this 90 sec. video to see what you can expect.

I’m loving Pronto Pilates. The video format is clear and well paced, making it easy to follow and keep up with. The studio is clean and looks great. Kat L.


Our mission is Pilates for the People… amazingly affordable classes so that everyone can enjoy reformer Pilates!

“We meet so many people who love reformer Pilates but simply can’t afford it. So, we’re really excited to offer classes from just $5!” The Pronto Team

Beautiful, boutique reformer studios with state-of-the-art equipment and the convenience of classes from 6am till late every day.


Our values are summed up by The Golden Rule…

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Matt. 7:12

Which means, we will treat you with honesty, kindness and respect. And we ask the same of all studio members.

Success at Pronto Pilates means nurturing a culture and community of members who encourage each other in their health and fitness journey!

About Pronto Pilates