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Beginner Reformer Pilates Orientation Classes

If you’re new to Pilates, start with our step-by-step Orientation Class led by one of our expert Pilates instructors.

You’ll learn about the reformer equipment, try some basic exercises and see how classes work.

Plus you’ll learn about the life-transforming benefits of Pilates to improve muscle tone, core strength, posture, flexibility, endurance, balance and vitality.

Following your Orientation Class, we encourage you to book Foundation Classes where you’ll build your confidence and strength.

Then, when you feel ready, book Open Classes.

The great thing about Open Classes is that most exercises have “layers” which means you choose the level of difficulty (the layer) that works for you!

Watch this short video to see how the studio works and what you can expect.



Below is a selection of FAQs asked by new Pilates students. You can find a longer list of FAQs on our membership and pricing page.

What is a Reformer?
The Reformer is the best known and most popular Pilates equipment. It’s a platform bed (about 2m long and 0.7m wide) with a selection of springs that you can adjust for each exercise based on your level of strength and skill. Designed by Joseph Pilates around 100 years ago… it has gone through many refinements since then.

Is reformer Pilates suitable for beginners?

Pilates reformers are great for beginners, but it’s essential to book into one of our orientation classes first. This will get you off to a safe and confident start.

Does reformer Pilates include much variety?

Yes, reformer offers an amazing variety of exercises. And you get to choose your level of difficulty and resistance based on your fitness goals.

How long are reformer classes?

Most studios offer classes between 30 – 50 minutes. At Pronto Pilates, as the name suggests, our classes are shorter at just 35 minutes. However, many students say our format is more challenging than other studios and so, even the shorter workouts will test you!

Is the reformer safe for people with back or neck pain?

Many people with back, neck or joint pain are told by their healthcare providers that Pilates will help them. Of course, you should seek professional healthcare advice first if you have any concerns about current or old injuries.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please contact us and we’ll respond to you, pronto!

I didn’t know what to expect with the video classes. But I actually really enjoyed it and was grateful that the exercises were easy to follow. Adri A.

We loved it! The instructor’s voice is so soothing. We need more locations! Kate C

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